The ‘Lazy Man’s Guide’ To Property Investment …

Property investment is not easy … but it can be made easier.

Our ’10 Stage Armchair Property Investment’ service could well save you months of time and effort.

To find out how … just scroll down and click through the 10 stages that any property investor needs to go through … stages that we can do for you.

click through the 10 stages above to see how we can help you …

Hi, my name is Colin Parker, one of the partners here at ONEPORTFOLIO.

Myself and my partners currently manage over 350 properties for investors.

So – as they say – we have been there, done it and got the tee shirt.

We have identified 10 vitally important stages that you need to go through to successfully invest in property. 10 stages that can help you to quickly and effectively take advantage of today’s big property investment opportunities.

And .. as you will see by clicking through these 10 stages above – we can do each and every single stage for you 

That’s why we call it ‘The Lazy Man’s Guide To Property Investment’.

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Founded in early 2007 – and based near Alnwick in Northumberland – ONEPORTFOLIO is owned by myself and my wife Karen.

Together with our lettings partners Nigel and Chris Fitzakerley – we jointly offer a full ’10 Stage Armchair Property Investment Service’ to investors.

You can get full details of our Armchair service by downloading ‘The Lazy Man’s Guide To Property Investment’. Smart Home Automation London

As you will have seen above – it is a very comprehensive property investment service.  And – very importantly – one that is tried, tested and proven.

Over the past three years many investors have used our services to either start or expand their property portfolio..  And many have repeat purchased with us.

Opposite you will see genuine testimonials – not just from our investors – but also from well known and respected figures within property investment.

I am proud to say that we truly do have a well established and widespread reputation for being good honest people to do business with.

You will find that what we say – is what we do.

We never over promise and under deliver – we do the exact opposite.

Property is a long term investment – 5 to 15+ years – and we want long term relationships with our existing investors … and with you.

That is why – unlike many property investment companies – past and present – our service is not based on ‘quick hit, quick profit’ property ‘offers’.

You want – I am sure – to create wealth and secure your financial future.

I guarantee that myself, Karen, Nigel and Chris will never knowingly do anything that is not directed towards helping you to achieve exactly that.

With base rate at a record low – buy to let mortgage rates down from over 7% to just over 4% – with property prices increasing for 10 out of the last 12 months – and with rental demand and net yields very strong …

This could well be your opportunity to get in right at the start of the next upward property cycle.

It is an opportunity that our investors are buying into right now.

Download ‘The Lazy Man’s Guide To Property Investment’
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Want To Know More About Our Armchair Service?

I do not know of any other UK property investment company that will:

  • guarantee to source to your personal instructions.
  • guarantee you ‘instant equity’ of up to £30,000
  • guarantee to tenant that property for you
  • guarantee to manage that property for you
  • guarantee you positive monthly rental income

We give you all of this for only £4,985 – but that includes all of your purchase fees and legal fees. Those ‘must pay’ fees alone come to c£2,000.

Plus … we guarantee to include any refurbishment costs required to bring your property to ‘ready to rent’ condition.  At an average cost of £1,000. 

That means – you pay us just c£1,985 – for taking care of every single one of those ’10 vitally important stages’ for you.

And – because you buy at a genuine 20% discount to valuation – you get £10,000 to £30,000 ‘instant equity’ – in every single property you buy.

’10 vital stages’ and ‘£10K-£30K instant equity’ – for a net c£1,985.

I really do believe it is the best value for money investment available to you today from any UK property sourcing company.

Especially when you consider this: we also guarantee that if we don’t tenant your property by the time your first mortgage payment is due …

We will pay that first mortgage for you. 100% GUARANTEED.

10 vital stages’ + ‘£10K-£30K instant equity’ AND a rental guarantee!

Why not get all of the up to date facts and figures on our Armchair Property Investment service by downloading ‘The Lazy Man’s Guide To Property Investment’.